Chamilo 1.11 - English

Administration tools

The administration section groups tools that the learner never needs access to – there is therefore no option to hide or show the tools, which are designed for teacher use only.
Illustration: Administration tools


This is where the teacher can create new blogs visible and available to learners in the Authoring section. A blog integrates tasks and users management via a calendar within the Blogs tool, supporting the effective management of collaborative projects.


Manage the course settings as a teacher. Settings are sorted in a few sections:
Course settings
Manage and update elements such as the course title, category, language, picture, etc.
Course access
Configure course access updates (visibility, subscription and other permissions)
E-mail notifications
Set the behaviour of for e-mails alerts
Users rights
Configure of the agenda, announcements or picture display inside the forum
Chat settings
Configure how the chat tool opens
Learning paths settings
Enable the graphical theme of the learning path, as well as various other learning path settings
Thematic advance configuration
Decide whether course progress information should be shown on course homepage


This important teacher tool tracks learners' use of learning paths, tests, forums etc., as well as time spent on the course, progress, scores, assignments, numbers of messages and last connection date. It is a powerful monitoring tool which can save the teacher a huge amount of time and dreary record keeping work.


This is where you can (and regularly should!) back up your course by exporting a copy of the course. You can also use it to import previously backed up courses and to delete all or part of the course content and data. You can also use it simply to delete the course – be careful, though – there's no way back!