To configure the multi-URL mode, you will need

  • access to your web server's configuration

  • access to the definition of your domain names

  • access to the Chamilo configuration file

The installation process is as follows

  • update app/conf/configuration.php by removing the comments marker before the line : $_configuration['multiple_access_urls'] = true; (and make sure it is set to true)

  • add ServerAlias directives inside your Apache's VirtualHost (see below)

  • define domain or sub-domain names (DNS) so they point to your server

  • [deprecated] add line “1,1” in your access_url_rel_user table (this line is not necessary anymore, starting from Chamilo LMS 1.9).

  • go to the Chamilo admin page and follow the link Multiple URL portals

  • redefine your main URL (replace localhost) and add the desired sub-portals, then add and enable a local administrator in each of them

Illustration: Administration - Multi-URLs

For two different Multi-URLs and one administrative one, based on the domain, the VirtualHost would look something like this:

DocumentRoot /var/www/ /
... other host settings here ...

Don't forget to always consider that your first portal will be a generic, administration, portal. You should preferably not use it for direct access by students. Declare something like admin.[domain-name] as the first host, then declare the URLs you will really use.

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