Creating a new test

Illustration: Exercises – Create a new test

The test will be displayed on the main page of the test tool, listed along with other tests created in the course:

Illustration: Exercises - List

Because there are so many different ways the test tool can be used, there is a good chance the default options are not entirely suitable your needs. Be careful, therefore to consider the extensive Advanced settings section available in the create/edit test page:

Illustration: Exercises – Creating an exercise – Advanced options

The settings are fairly self-evident:

  • feedback can be provided either at the end of the test or withheld, e.g. for an exam

  • questions can be presented either on a single page (e.g. for a brief text quiz) or on separate pages (e.g. when the question and answers are lengthy or incorporate media)

  • scores and correct answers can be shown (e.g. for an interactive exercise) or hidden (e.g. for an exam).

  • Questions and answers can follow a pre-determined sequence or be randomized and shuffled

  • The relevant questions category can be displayed or hidden

  • The number of attempts allowed can be limited to a given number - “infinite” attempts might suit a “practice” exercise

  • Start and end times for the test can be set and the time allowed to complete the test can be limited; )a real-time counter will appear to the user)

  • Negative scores can be “zeroed” or carried forward to the next question

  • Students can review their answers before submitting the test

  • A pass percentage can be set to indicate success or failure to the student

  • A closing message to be viewed on completion can be composed.

Note : The platform administrator may enable an additional option in the “Feedback” section of the advanced settings:__Self-evaluation (immediate feedback). This option, if checked, enables the “scenario” question types which allows teachers to devise quizzes based on multiple-choice or image mapping questions which, depending on the answer given, lead the learner to alternative subsequent questions. This is a powerful tool – however, be aware that once self-evaluation is checked, these advanced settings cannot be changed: you will instead have to create a new test not based on the Self-evaluation (immediate feedback) option.

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