Authoring tools

Illustration: Authoring tools

Course description

The description tool presents several sections which provide the course author with a simple suggested structure for their course description. (The teacher doesn't have to use these, of course; if the proposed sections do not match requirements, other sections can be created with the preferred titles). The sections include:

  • « Course description »,

  • « Objectives »,

  • « Topics »,

  • « Methodology » etc,

The description is available to learners inside the course, but can also be viewed in the course catalog (via the Description button). This button opens a pop-up window showing the description provided by the teacher.



Learning Paths

Note: If you come from a Moodle background, this feature can be compared to the ordering of blocks on your course homepage.





Course progress

Note : The learning paths created inside the course can also be made visible in the « Authoring » section, which could generate redundancy. It is possible to show or hide them using the double square icon in the learning paths list (« Make visible to learners »)


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