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This category allows you to configure the synchronization with an LDAP server. It contains a long series of settings which all require a good knowledge of LDAP.
For more information, we invite you to follow LDAP-specific documentation. Note that an ActiveDirectory server can be used as an LDAP server through enabling its LDAP-compatibility mode.
The new LDAP plugin must be configured in main/inc/conf/auth.conf.php through the customization of the following section (the in-line documentation for this plugin is wrong up to Chamilo 1.9.4):
$extldap_config = array(
//base dommain string
'base_dn' => 'DC=cblue,DC=be',
//admin distinguished name
'admin_dn' => 'CN=admin,dc=cblue,dc=be',
//admin password
'admin_password' => 'pass',
//ldap host
'host' => array('', '', ''),
// filter
// 'filter' => '', // no () arround the string
//'port' => , default on 389
//protocl version (2 or 3)
'protocol_version' => 3,
// set this to 0 to connect to AD server
'referrals' => 0,
//String used to search the user in ldap. %username will ber replaced by the username.
//See extldap_get_user_search_string() function below
// 'user_search' => 'sAMAccountName=%username%', // no () arround the string
'user_search' => 'uid=%username%', // no () arround the string
//encoding used in ldap (most common are UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1
'encoding' => 'UTF-8',
//Set to true if user info have to be update at each login
'update_userinfo' => true
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