Add a user

The administrator can add users by creating them out of an empty form. He will only need to give:

  • « firstname »

  • « lastname »

  • « e-mail »

  • « login »

There are, however, advanced options to which one should pay attention.

Illustration: Administration - Users creation

The password can be automatically generated or can be assigned by the administrator. Depending on the needs of the situation, don't forget the option “Send an e-mail to the new user”.

The profile (or role) of the user is very important. See chapter 5.1User roles on page 46 for more info.

The user account can have an expiration date. In this case, one has to choose the end of the subscription period.

Finally, the user account can be created active or inactive, waiting for example for the start of a new sessions.

Three new fields have been added to Chamilo 1.8.8. These fields allow you to configure the frequency to which personal messages sent from the Chamilo social network to your account are sent to you by e-mail.

If the user picks No, then no message will be sent to his e-mail to notify him. This option requires the configuration of a chronological script launch (cron).

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